Street Name Signs

Official federally approved street-identification signs with reflective vinyl on traffic-rated .080 aluminum.

Federal MUTCD Style Street Name Sign
(Federal MUTCD style)
Upper- and Lower-case
& smaller suffix in bottom position
Red with Smaller Prefix - Centered
  Smaller  suffix – Centered
Blue - Upper-case with Superscript Suffix and Prefix
Smaller prefix & suffix – Superscript
All Upper-case Letters
Upper-case – Suffix same size as name
Black on White with Upper- and Lower-case letters
Upper-  &  Lower-case – Suffix centered
Black on Yellow
All upper-case
Upper- and Lower-case - suffix stacked
Smaller suffix – Stacked
Prefix & Suffix parallel bottom
Smaller suffix –  Parallel bottom
Rural Reference Marker
Rural Reference Style

Use a style shown above or create your own. Choose any name, style or color combination.

Boy's Bedroom Sample Street Name with Logo - Sample
Street Name with Logo
Party Street Sample

Street Name Signs

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Four Sizes
(Length varies, depending on name)
Flat Blade
Flat Blade
Extruded Blade
Extruded Blade
6-inch tall sign with 4-inch letters
(Generally 18- to 36-inch wide)
Perfect for slow speeds and novelty.
$2050 $2450 $45 50 $49 50

8-inch tall sign with 6-inch letters
(24- to 48-inch wide)
$2850 $3450 N/A N/A
9-inch tall sign with 6-inch letters
(24- to 60-inch wide)
Federally recommended size for city streets 30 MPH or more
$3250 $4050 $62 50 $70 50
12-inch tall sign with 8-inch letters
(24- to 60-inch wide)
Used to define major city intersections
$5850 $6850 N/A N/A
Click here for a list of commonly used Street Name sign prefixes and suffixes.
Flat and Extruded Blade Samples
Street Name Sign Options

All upper- or upper- and lower-case letters: The federal MUTCD (sign manual) now calls for Street Name signs to use upper- and lower-case letters, for example, Main St versus MAIN ST – with the suffix smaller than the main name.

Flat or ExtrudedStreet Name signs have Flat or Extruded aluminum backs, or blades. We offer .080 gauge  Flat blades, which are the most widely used type in the U.S.,  and .125 gauge aluminum blades, which are thicker.  Extruded blades are 1/4-inch thick near the top and bottom edges of the blade for greater strength.
Reflectivity: Street Name signs are available in Standard Reflective (Engineer Grade), High Intensity Prismatic or Diamond Grade reflective vinyl sheeting. The federal sign manual, the MUTCD, recommends Street Name signs have High Intensity Prismatic sheeting, which is the type used by most cities.
Size: Cities are required by the federal Highway Administration to use 9-inch tall blades (High Intensity Prismatic sheeting) for streets with speed limits of more than 25 MPH. Where the speed limit is 25 MPH or less, a 6-inch sign blade may be used.
Border: Use of a border is optional, but gives a sign a more polished look.
Prefix and Suffix Size: The prefix and suffix may be made smaller to have the main name stand out more. The use of smaller suffixes allows the sign width to be narrower, reducing potential wind damage. A smaller prefix may be placed in one of three locations: Superscript (near the top), Center or Parallel Bottom to the main name. (Examples are shown at the top of the page).

911 & Fire District Signs

Two-Sided Reflective 911 Address Signs $28.50


911 Sign Samples
911 Sign Sample       911 Sign Sample
911 Sign Sample, Patriotic Theme

Two-Sided Reflective Fire District Signs

Fire District Signs



7 x 24 – $26.50      8 x 24  – $29.50

18 x 6 – $24.50     18 x 8   –   $26.50
20 x 8 – $29.50     20 x 12  –  $34.50


Reflective House-Number Plates

House Address Numbers
House Address with 3- or 4-inch tall numbers/letters on 12 x 6 sign $12.50