YIELD - 18-, 24- or 30-inch
YIELD - 18-, 24- or 30-inch Quantity in Basket: None
Code: R1-2
Price: $26.50
Shipping Weight: 7.00 pounds
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R1-2 YIELD sign available in Engineer Grade (Standard Reflective), High Intensity Prismatic or Diamond Grade reflective vinyl sheeting on .080 gauge aluminum. These government-approved signs may be used where a full stop is not always required. A fact: The federal sign manual, MUTCD, calls the 24-inch tall Yield a 30-inch sign because of a phantom corner at the bottom. The manual refers to the 30-inch YIELD sign as a 36-inch sign. However, we identify the signs by their actual measurement, which is 18-, 24- or 30 inches.top to bottom tip. 

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